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Blogs I Read
Feed of other blogs in various sectors. Great one stop shop during market trading hours. But, it can be slow to load at busy times of the day.
Economics and Macro opinion. Best all round financial blog. Has a deep love for real estate....
Market commentary with charts. Charts nicely annotated with relevant information only. Probably the "King of the Blogs" in popularity and lead ins to other blogs.
Market opinion with a donation/member area. Best feature is his linkfest. Regularly featured in Barron's.
Monitors performance of markets using frequencies to assess returns over the time. Another Brett Steenbarger production.
Tracks research ideas and other articles of interest to Brett Steenbarger. Additional articles available for download. Lots of tips on improving the mental game of trading. Primary lead in site of links to Fallondpicks
Life from the far side. Overall market commentary with a Chinese perspective. "Dummy" trader.

The best read of the financial bloggers - the "Editorial" for financial blogs. Posts his trades on site.

Great resource of Technical Analysis, particularly for users of bullish percents, high/lows, dollar-bond analysis. Check out his sector strength table.

Real Time Trading Software for Day and Swing traders. Blog features strategy sessions and commenatory from around the Blogosphere. A great complementary stock screener A 7-day free trial is available.

Very Detailed analysis of 10-Q and 8-K SEC filings by David Phillips
Annotated charts of stocks; long and short plays. Weekly reading link list. One of the main contributors of site traffic to blog.fallondpicks.com - give him your foot traffic.
I like to use my ROTH-IRA account as a dividend earning account. This site is a great resource for dividend paying stocks. Plenty of opportunities to avail of here.
Another Dividend based stock blog and is a good complement to Dividend Money (and vice versa).
A great mix of fundamental and technical system development. Authored by Pradeep Bonde
As the name suggests this is a blog about getting 5% returns inside 30 days. Keep and ongoing portfolio of his performance
Snapshots of stocks moving on the day. Good quick read as part of the morning routine. Another link driver to Fallondpicks.com
Formally "D'Breakfast" - focus on Forex trading and trading models.
Market and Social commentary. Lots of input and research here. Excellent gold and silver coverage.
Blog and Portfolio/Trade manager feature; track your trades and compare with other members. New features added regularly. Featured in Dave Mabe's interview series.
A quick one-stop checkup to assess net buying or selling of a given stock by mutual fund managers. The display is simple and easy to intrepret. Subscription-based service
Venture capitalist. Tech/Apple lover. Humorist. Chief prodder for WallStrip.
Video blog of market opinion on stock picks. Technical analysis focused. Excellent site
Stock suggestions. Ugly video lessons are worth noting. Excellent 'dummy' trade examples along the lines of Trader X.
One of the A-list financial blogs. Thoughts from a Portfolio manager.

This website found me (via Adamsoptions). It runs in a neat newspaper style format with brief summary of featured articles on its front page. It covers a broad range of topics, including personal finance, the economy, technicals and fundamentals - some of the features come with a tongue implanted in cheek

Stock picks and annotated charts. Some general interest commentary thrown in. Good blog for those interested in individual stocks.
Individual stock plays using point-n-figure charts. Excellent source of information from fundamentals to stock chart. Popular blog without the airs and graces.

Description: The Money Alert is your personal finance information source - Featuring financial articles, investment commentary, retirement advice, and more.

Extensive market and economic Commentary with subscription stock service, top-10 favorites and stock reports
Trade diary with coverage of OTC BB stocks. Regular updates on his portfolio holdings.
Trader Diary.
Market and Economic commentary. Education and market psychology too.
Monitors the success of market commentators. Interesting research here.
Recap of Jim Cramer's show. Source of my Blog comparison data.
Daily commentary on equity markets, futures, options and forex. Includes day trading and swing trading analysis. Free and Subscription service.
Nicely laid out blog with regularly updated portfolio and stock watch list categorized by risk.
Conglomerate site drawing in contributions from other bloggers.
The Do's and Dont's needed to become a successful trader.
Quick summary of stocks to watch. Stock charts linked where relevant.
A quirky mix of market commentary, business practices, and day-to-day life.
Commentary and recommendations about the stock market, sectors and individual stocks from a chartists perspective. Observations are based on the belief that "at their core, fundamentals are subjective but momentum is fact."
Clearly laid out trading blog featuring annotated stock charts. Also subscription newsletter service.
Snappy list of stocks to watch.
Investment banking blog. Market commentary and annotated charts.
Commentary on markets, currencies, and commodities using Elliot Wave Analysis.
Asian stocks on the US markets. Covers them all. Very useful sidebar allowing a quick check on prior posts for a particular stock only. Part of Seeking Alpha
Individual trader portfolio diary. Updated about once a week but worth a check in to see what is going down.
William O'Neill based investing. Charts and commentary. A useful complementary site if you are an Investors Business Daily subscriber. New web address.
Market commentary. Bollinger bands + cycles. Unique parabolic look at market accumulation and distribution. No other site out there presents information the way it is here (at least I haven't found it yet). Subscription based site. (May 2007 Update: Free site no longer presents the cycle information).
General financial commentary and personal finance on the best deals in town. Expanding into real estate.
List of economic and market commentaries by contributors.
Seeking Alpha Internet blog - along the lines of the China Stock Blog. Same format. Equally handy way of checking what was posted for a given stock of interest.
Daily soundbites from well known traders, investors, and market gurus.
Detailed market and sector review. Wealth of information here, but can take an age to load (lots of Java on the front page). Worth waiting for.
It has been a while visiting since it turned into Subscription service, but there is a new layout (the going green look!) and more information form his free section.
NASDAQ stock snippets and commentary. Nearly all politics now.
Hedge fund commentary and opinion
Market commentary and overall investment analysis. Sister site to http://www.antandsons.com/
Best Stockchart.com lists
Stock breakouts and market indices. Annotated market indices and stocks as featured for Breakouts and Subscriber plays here. Always appreciate your vote - its been slipping down the ranks from the heady days of 8th on the list - all votes help.
*Overall market health using Bullish percents. Support and resistance at its simplest and most effective. Its a mantra here but worth repeating. Voted one of the best public lists with good reason.
Elliot wave form - updated regularly. Since wave speak turned into a full subscription service this is one of the few avenues of Elliot analysis left in the top half of the list. Always worth a look
Market commentary - clear, simple charts.

Recommended for index (and tracker stock) traders. Excellent and simple intra day and daily analysis of the NASDAQ. Charts are never cluttered, only relevant information presented here.

Stock picks using a range of technical parameters.

Potential breakout candidates. Lots of indices and sector charts. Not as many breakouts as in the past - now belongs to his subscription service.

*Indices and technical set ups. Detailed list of potential setups with relevant support/resistance provided. Stop and target price provided and not a penny charged for the information. Highly recommended.

*Market projections - detailed. One of the first posters I followed on Stockcharts.com. Give him your vote as this guy deserves to get your attention. Detailed charts, but provides a text summary at the start of his list.

Excellent Elliot Wave and market commentary. One page of charts only which makes it a great snap read.

Charts galore with resistance and support.

Site shares
Fibonacci and Gann Trading instruments; software and books. Also associated blog: Exotic Stock Market Techniques.
A money management firm utilizing CANSLIM to generate gains.
Resource list of Investing
Message board. Economic opinion and stock picks.
General investing sites
Based on the Stockchart.com engine. Very detailed site with numerous (free) articles submitted by leaders in Technical analysis. Has one of the best values for membership at $20 a month (I am not a member though). Uilitizes proprietary indicators. Well worth a visit.

Daily free newsletter which features market commentary and model portfolio. Well worth your attention. Sign up at the website.

Resource for Gold and silver news and stocks. Plentiful resource of precious metal articles.
Torpedo and Value picks. Updated monthly.
Market commentary and email newsletter featuring stocks conforming to the CANSLIM way. Also includes commentary from John Murphy.

A Yahoo poster who has it in for me - if you don't like my style perhaps you will like his! Fundamental stock picker. Biotech heavy with analysis and commentary.

A collective of contributors. Newsletter, Chat, Hard to know how they limit spam. Effectively a subscription message board which has posted reasonable returns, but no mention of its losers. Around 8-10 profitable picks a day.

Uses weather symbols to denote the health of the NASDAQ. Features stock drawn from various scans including 'cup-and-handle', 'ceiling bumpers', and 'early rises'. Gives examples and past performance of their picks. $26 a month. Educational component too. Only downside is there may be too many picks.

Stock picking service utilizing candlesticks. $22 a month. Little free information available - no performance review.

Weekly free newsletter featuring covered calls, splits and stock picks. Taped seminars also for sale. $47 per month.

Day and Swing trading picks. Education section featuring online seminars and videos. Newsletter and chat feature. Post a copies of their daily chat to site. Swing trade performance average of 87% success for 14% return - but vague as to exit price (assume high as profit potential?). $250-$500 per month

Free message board operated by a small minority. Testimonials on front page. Unfortunately, samples are subscriber archived - a little oversight and relate to 2002. $39 a month.

Professional looking investment advisory service. Various articles featuring stock charts and market analysis written by company staff and available for free on its front page. Not sure how active the site is - some articles date back to 2001.

Trading systems
A stand alone stock trading system offering trade protection (stops) and selling strategies. $279 for the system.
Base product plus various add on products. I have not tested how effective the system is. Base product starts at $795 and runs up to $2295+
Monthly subs at $30. Annual at $300. Modest returns. Trading the $NASI indicator would probably bring as good returns (I haven't compared to confirm).
A money management firm utilizing CANSLIM to generate gains.
5-day Candelstick analysis of stocks, including 2-year performance. Front page stock suggestions. Bulk of site is free. Good place for checking on stock confirmations. FTSE page too.
Timing QQQQ and ETF with mid-term and long-term market timing signals. Annotated charts provided. Trade record provided, including one very long one from 1990 to 1997!
Charting tools
Extensive charting tool featuring Java charts. Various levels of subscription services offered.
Excellent source of 'How To' articles; particularly good is its methods for trading candlestick patterns.
Features numerous chart patterns and % success rate. A great place to identify the most successful patterns to look for.
Professional investment trading education and training. Free investing trader information, articles, and software trials for stocks, bonds, options, forex, and commodities.

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